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Melange Factor


Monday 02.06.2014

Starting at 6pm


Comedy Pub

7 Oxendon Street





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7pm -10pm



10 Beak Street, Soho, London W1F 9RA



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Date TBC

6.30pm - 9pm



3 Stafford Street

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Nimone Groove  3rd place for Sun 30 September 2012


First of all thank you so so much for the opportunity to perform, it must take a lot of faith for you guys to give artists an opportunity to just do their thing on the stage in front of reputable judges and industry people.

The show was well put out and everyone was so helpful and encouraging. My experience from start to finish was no less than completely awesome. But to actually be honored to come third place was even way too much for me, and even though every artist comes with some level of desire to win, for me it was very much not expected.

I say this because my performance on Melange was my first time on stage after many years of a break from the music industry. Even though I had recently started vocal coaching with a few master level teachers, I had not expected to be on a winning lineup for a singing contest, especially given the caliber of the acts on the night.

So all in all I am most grateful for the encouragement that Melange Factor has given me as an artist, I can say that only great things are coming up from here and thank you so much for having given me this platform.

Mariosco Di Roma




Sara Gomez

It was very nice. And I really would like to be part of the contest again. I liked everything, the presenter, the Jury, the public, the music, everything was great. Certainly, the next one will be also very good.



Chris Daley  






Laura Barrett




Mincu Raluca


My only issue was that even though I did sound check and everything was fine but when I finally began to sing the sound was not how I expected it to be. However, thank you for inviting me to the show. I really enjoyed the evening.

Dominique Durner  2nd place for Sun 30 September 2012


I had a lovely evening. I am a singer song writer and and sang my song with the guitar on the night but I noticed there was noticeable majority of performers who used backing tracks. I do thank you for putting on a great show.



Valentine Artist

I had a great time. It would have certainly helped more with my dance routine if the stage area was a bit bigger.


Aurelia A

Thank you for the organizers of Melange factor. Nice place and some nice performances. Good luck everyone.


Simon Gray

It was an  interesting experience for me. I liked the format and enjoyed various genres of music .The acoustics were suitable for the venue.



Nicolette S

Had a fantastic evening. I agreed with the judges comments but I guess the lady judge was a bit too critical of my performance.




Laura Greco

I enjoyed my experience with Melange Factor as a musician. It was a fun evening.


Lauren Spangler


Everything about the show was great, the location, the judges, the people. Slightly disappointed as the show started late.



DOP/Camera Operator            

1) Your experience being on Melange factor (MF)

I always think that competitions are a very good experience for the performer as they make you pull yourself together, practice and show all the best that you have. There's always a war between the excitement and nerves. If your nervous too much - you fail. So this time I was lucky, focused, and I guess that was a reason for success.

2) How do you think it is going to help your career being on MF?

It just makes me move forward, and encourages a lot. I can bet that we all have doubt about ourselves sometimes, so every time you win something, get a compliment, you know you're doing a right thing, you're on a right direction. I knew it from when I was a kid, but still need support at times...

3) Have you made any useful contacts?

Not yet, but I really hope I will make some in the nearest future :)






Kevin Best

Johnny Edward






















Anthony Wiegold



Vee  M winner for Sun 30 September 2012

I guess this was the best event that I performed in so far. I would love to perform in the next one.

Jey C S









Bryn Lucas

Sound Engineer              

Giovanni Carnazza



Stills Photographers        


Benjamin Goodacre

Kevin Best is owner and Director of Bestoflondonmusic, He is a song writer/producer and manager. Kevin had several songs released one being Q-Tee's Gimme that Body, that went top 40 in 1996, also featured on 3 top selling compilations, sisters of swing (vol2) - Just vybing (vol 3) & The worlds greatest rap album. Kevin now writes and manages up and coming acts Siobhan Marie & The girl group Vantage.

Writer,Producer and video director of the infamous Renée & Renato international number one chart topper, ‘Save Your Love’, and owner of the first independent record label and publishing company to reach number one. 'Creator and voice of ITV's Metal Mickey.' 12.000.000 viewers, 39

Carolyn Martyn


Carolyn is a professional actress. She trained first at Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and then London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.


Guest Presenter              


Tricia Stewart

Reuben Stern

Clive Hewitt





Christina Dmytryk


Really enjoyed it and the standard is getting higher with each showcase. The presenter was very pleasant and supportive. The judges comments were constructive and it was such a great experience not just performing but also watching the others shine.

I'd love to take part in the next one on 28th October.

Thank you and congratulations on such a successful evening wish it only goes from strength to strength





Oliver Kirkland


Catherine and myself had a great time, thanks for inviting us!!!




Claudia J

Thank you for the opportunity to perform at Melange. It was great fun.

I really appreciated the judges comments and was wondering if it was possible to ask for contact details of the three judges. I would like to talk further about how I can go further in the music industry.



NIna Aghaei




Carole Anne R

The presenter was funny and entertaining and the judges were really accurate in their feedback. The best so far! Well done.




Highlights of Melange Factor 30 September 2012          

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30 September 2012