Act 01.  Paul Sterling   @ 00:21                    

Act 02.  Chase Hunter   @ 03:12                      

Act 06.  Roberto Angrisani   @ 16:20                 

Act 04.  Tim Robinson   @ 09:20                

Act 03.  Saudiq Baoku   @ 06:06                  

Act 05.  Margin Kings   @ 12:48                      

Act 07.  Robin B. Czar   @ 19:17                

Act 08.  Natercia Pintor   @ 23:01                   

Act 09.  Emmanuel Alade   @  00:02

Act 10.  Ukulele Eric   @  03:10                          

Act 11.  Edeeno Campbell   @ 06:03

Act 12.  Carole-Anne Ghyselen   @ 08:54

Act 13.  Bonnie-Jane @ Adina Ionita   @ 12:23

Act 14.  Nina Rock   @ 15:37

We are proud to present the first ever Web Series of a local music talent show in London.  Our unique show happens in very heart of the city, the West End!

We bring you diversity of great local talent from London, UK but also from all around the World.  

We bring you raw talent of the World, often not yet affected by the ‘Music’ business industry.

On our show you will see and meet professionals, amateurs, your neighbours, work colleagues, friends or even members of your family, who you probably never imagined are in the show business!

So welcome to the one and only - Melange Factor the Web Series!

Episode Two - Melange Factor, 24.03.2013

To vote for your favourite act to be the winner email  with the Act Number and the Name of the Performer.  In the email subject put Melange Factor Winner March 2013

Voting Rules:

1. Only one vote per person

2. Voting is closing on Sunday 07.04.2013 @ 12am

3.  The winner is announced here on Monday 08.04.2013

Please make sure to share the Web Series and the performances videos with as many people as you can.  But don’t share it just with your friends and family, share it also with for example your work colleagues and people you don’t know that well, so the voting is objective, which will also lead to a wider exposure of the rough talent which comes to our show!  

And also please make sure you leave comments on Facebook or Twitter about the performances, judges or the show if it is good or bad.  Great!  Lets now find the winner!

spread the word


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Act 15.  San Mario   @ 18:30

The voting is over and we have a WINNER!!!


The WINNER of Melange Factor 24.03.2013 is:


Act 08.  Natercia Pintor


Natercia is progressing to our Melange Factor Grand Final in November, where she will be competing for a Grand Prize, yet to be announced!

We would like to take also this opportunity and thank again all the performers, judges, presenters and crew who made this Melange Factor and the Web Series possible.  

Please keep Tweeting and sending messages on Facebook about the show and the Web Series, and also please post any comments, suggestions or ideas you may have to improve the show or the Web Series.  We want to hear from everyone. Any ideas big or small will be looked at and discussed thoroughly


See you 28.04.2013 for the next great series of the Melange Factor!


An interview with Natercia about her musical journey and experience on the Melange Factor will be here soon!

Watch this space!



Runners Up are: Act 05. Margin Kings (2nd Place) and Act 09. Emmanuel Alade (3rd Place)

Interview with the Melange Factor winner 24.03.2013 - Natercia Pintor