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Melange Factor


Monday 02.06.2014

Starting at 6pm


Comedy Pub

7 Oxendon Street





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7pm -10pm



10 Beak Street, Soho, London W1F 9RA



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27 May 2012               


Dee Grant  (Musician)

WOW what a night. . The last few acts David Kallo, Marlene, macro J  Birrane,Rosalind Black, all was very good. But Comfort Emmanuel,sang (" someone like you")by Adele. Like she was telling a story very believable, and focus. Excellent.


Terence Dackombe

(Producer, Writer and Broadcaster)

Kaara Benstead (Musician)


"I was delighted to be invited to chair the judging panel at Melange Factor. My fellow judges and I were particularly impressed by the high standard of performances throughout the evening.

It can be quite nerve-wracking to stand on a stage and perform to not only an audience, but also a panel of judges, whilst being filmed and photographed at the same time.

However, all of the performers rose to this challenge and helped add to a fascinating and hugely enjoyable experience.

It was genuinely difficult to select a winner, but I do feel that the singer we chose - Comfort Emmanuel - has that special 'star potential'. I do hope we hear more from Comfort in the future."

Michael Aston


Viktorija Vystartaite

Customer Relations              


Carole Anne R


The evening was absolutely fantastic and I thought the judges were very good and I had a brilliant time.

Bluehomie MC





Laura Barrett





Renato Gonzales





Tim Robinson




Bobby Allen




NIna Aghaei


The evening was very good and absolutely I have got nothing to say!! cuz I was completely out of breath and couldn't perform very good..sometimes it can happen when I am not in  good mood or tired! so hopefully will perform better on the next fingers cross...


Comfort Emmanuel winner for Sun 27 May 2012


 1) Your experience being on Melange factor (MF)

Coming 3rd place in March and now Winning has been a great experience for me.

2) How do you think it is going to help your career being on MF?

It will and has helped in the process of building confidence. It also will give me exposure as I've had people that I met there request to hear my other songs.

3) Have you made any useful contacts?

Yes I have had someone offer to make me a music video



David Frazier

Thank you for having me on the night I really enjoyed it and found the whole experience very entertaining.

Despite not having any backing track I found the judges comments very fair and inspiring- after that I felt like I wanted to evolve from bathroom singing and actually start to work on a more proffessional level. I think the judges comments whether good or bad is usefull on a constructive critical level because as a potential singer you need that. Your host was very good, tactful and encouraging. he engaged with the audience and the performers really well.


Rinske Bloem

The 27th of May I participated in Melange Factor, A wonderful singing contest at the comedy pub near the prince of wales theater .

I chose the word wonderful, as in a wonderful chance for performers to show their , skills, passion and performance on a stage for a public and a professional,open and kind,but not afraid to be honest,jury


I came to London in October, to fulfill a dream, to be a performance artist ,which I believe I am born to do, or at least born with that dream. Believing England is the country to do so. And Melange Factor is another proof of that my dream has  truth in it.


In London ,after months of auditioning and doing all the hard work I became a part of the nick Pelas Theatre company playing the lead role in a cabaret.


This influenced my choice of the performance the night of melange factor. I sang a song(a Capella , as I believe as well that the voice is the most important part of a singing contest ) called rip the ribbon,, about a woman on a mission to find a millionaire so she can tare apart her clothes and buy herself a silver dress.


It was an amazing experience , which inspired me to make a come-back the 24th of June. Basically .. if you want to know what the melange factor is like, just come the 24th!

and experience the music , talent, great atmosphere yourself ! I will be happy to tell you more than that and perform again 



Marlene Pincott

I really enjoyed taking part in the melange factor the other night.

It was great fun.  The comments from the judges blew me away.  The host for the evening was very proffesional



Rose Vendetta 2nd place for Sun 27 May 2012

Thanks for the opportunity to perform on sunday!

I found it a really enjoyable evening. It was a nice venue with a great atmosphere and the reception really boosted my confidence, especially singing my own song. I found the judges and the host very professional yet friendly at the same time and they gave me some great advice. I am definitely coming back next month!




Ashera Hart

yes it was fun to come and share my gift with a different crowd and the judges were very fair in giving positive feedback and I would recommend it to anyone who's wanting to practice their singing/musical skills as a constructive way of moving forward in your career -


How did I find the judges' assessment of my talent? well what I do when I sing is a new thing for a lot of people that was evidenced by the fact that perhaps didn't understand it.  I guess what would have been good to do, what I normally do, is say it's not important what I'm singing, and it's not really about trying to work it out, it's more about listening with your heart and connecting with the energy.  What was interesting to me, even tho' the judges didn't really resonate with it, I had almost half of the people there come up to me individually saying they really felt something, resonated with it, were enchanted or moved by it and that for me is my guide.  If the audience feel something, like it and feel moved then I can gauge how ready people are to receive such energy in a live situation.  It's more about sharing that energy to encourage others to open their hearts and feel again. Feel the magic of spirit which is something that has been quite lost in the world we live in now.




Marco Felici


1. Judges assessment was proper

2. Host was very good, professional and humorous in a delicate fashion

3. Show is well produced.



Susie Newberry


I thoroughly enjoyed the night. It was a fantastic atmosphere. Very well organised and I was very happy with the judges assessment of my performance. The young lady who won deserved it. She is very talented and I thought the host as well as the rest of the crew did a great job. My guest also enjoyed himself on the night and I would definitely be interested in performing in future events. Many thanks and kind regards.




David Kallo 3rd place for Sun 27 May 2012


Thank you for organising the occasion and for the open stage. I had a great time performing and seeing other styles through the evening .

The judges were wise and helpful advisers.

The host was smooth classy and looked great on/off stage.

We might cross each others path again,


DOP/Camera Operator       


Panos Kallos

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Highlights of Melange Factor 27th May 2012          

Filmed by: Panos Kallos


Thank you for inviting me to be a judge on Sunday I thoroughly enjoyed myself and would love to return if ever needed again.

I found the talent on offer great and also some a bit out there!

Other than that I think it is great just as it is.


Sound Engineer              

Giovanni Carnazza




Edited by: Anthony Wiegold


Guest Presenter              


Tricia Stewart

Siobhan Marie

I loved performing and liked the set up of the show.