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Melange Factor


Monday 02.06.2014

Starting at 6pm


Comedy Pub

7 Oxendon Street





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7pm -10pm



10 Beak Street, Soho, London W1F 9RA



Screen Acting Workshop


Date TBC

6.30pm - 9pm



3 Stafford Street

London  W1S 4RP


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Jorge Fouto


It was great to be at your show again and i had a fantastic time. There was some top talent, with star quality and the other two judges were spot on, from a music business point of view.



25 March 2012               


Jp M


I think the show was good, and I really enjoyed myself. I like the casual format, I really believe that that show could grow very quickly.

Anyway I really enjoyed the format and would love to do it again, if you would need me.




Reuben Diamond


Lucinda Mainland

I enjoyed being on the panel.  I felt there could have been a little more variety in the acts just to mix it up a bit.  As the artists that performed as one can only describe as entertaining, wactually very entertaining.




Lindsay Honey





Nadya Nedyalkova

1. After being away from performing on the stage for a long while, it was good to come back and sing amongst other talented individuals who share a joy in performing.

2. I think this has given me a kick where I needed it, as time goes on, your confidence slips, here I was able to gain back some of that lost confidence so this is a good step in moving along in my career.

3. To be honest I haven't made any useful contacts (yet). Hopefully i will be noticed when it is my time to be noticed.






Ava Scott

Sunday was good. Thanks for letting me take part. I found the judges comments to be really interesting and it was nice to have confirmation that they liked my voice, if not the choice of song, particularly as they were former industry experts.


Carole Anne R

First of all, thank you for getting me back up on stage - I had a real case of stage fright after what happened with BGT but feel a lot better in myself. The evening was as usual a great night and so special for the first time performer as well as seasoned professionals to get together under one roof and just make music - it's not about the winning - you make everyone feel a winner with constructive criticism aimed at improving your performance. Let me know when the next one is.


Tim Robinson

I found performing less nervous than before. I looked directly at audience this time, not at stairs like I normally do. I do however feel that sound system could be louder( as i know usually i have a very powerful voice, but does not seem the same at melange). Maybe its me ,as everyone else seemed loud enough.


Tay Moss

In my case I found some feedback to be useful in terms of my artist image and stage presence. At times I found their comments to be way too general.

I found Ruben,the judge, to be more honest and forthcoming about the acts performances which was much appreciated.

I liked the crowd in general, the presenter not so much.

It was a good experience overall.




Delilah Smith

Thank you for allowing me to take part, it was a great evening.

It was a good atmosphere that night and quite comfortable, everyone was so supportive. I enjoyed being judged and been given constructive criticism, which I took on board, so it was very helpful to have experienced judges.

The judges assessment was very helpful.

And the host was very lively which was really important to keep the audience interested I was really happy and encouraged by the host to be involved and in-tune.


Was a good night, looking forward to seeing the acts for next month.




Helene Vogelsinger

I think there were a lot of talented singers on the night.  The judges assessment was right on my talent but I didn't agree with every judgment.

The host who presented was really really great (funny, smart etc) he could have win this show! :)

I wish you all the best for you future plans and performing





Brentan Shilling

I enjoyed performing on the night, however an earlier start would have been better and the venue was a little cramped.

The Judges assessment was satisfactory and it is always good to hear other opinions, even if I didn't agree with everything they said.

Thanks for the opportunity to sing.





Belinda Sitonik

I had a really good time performing, and I found the atmosphere in the club really relaxing.

I liked the host very much. He was humorous and honest. He created a relaxed atmosphere at a tense moment. He took away the seriousness of the whole situation, which was very good.

As for the judges, I really wanted to impress them. At the moment I still want to impress them, which is why i will be performing on the 29th April again.


It will be good to hear from again.


Pass my regards to everyone in the team.




Joseph Twigg


Ana Sagastizabal


Jon Norris


Comfort Emmanuel


Angelo Lo Conte


Olivia Palmer

I enjoyed performing on the night and watching other entrant's inspiring performances.  It was interesting to see what other participants had chosen to perform.

I appreciated the judges' critique and am working to improve in necessary areas.



Brian Neubauer

The Judges had nothing but compliments for me which was nice...

I found the judges for the most part OK, however I tended to disagree numerous times, and I would strongly advise a panel to only, only make encouraging, constructive comments and not to assume that they know what the ‘greater public wants to see and hear on stage.


I found performing at the Melange Factor very beneficial for a young songwriter/rapper like myself. The judges gave me some powerful and very useful feedback. The host of the show was entertaining and kept the audience interested between intervals. I will hopefully be back next time with some new material :)  VERY GOOD!


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It was a great night.  I liked it so much.  A lot of talented people.  The judges were very professional and gave good advice.  And the host was very funny and nice as well.


Iola D