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Monday 02.06.2014

Starting at 6pm


Comedy Pub

7 Oxendon Street





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7pm -10pm



10 Beak Street, Soho, London W1F 9RA



Screen Acting Workshop


Date TBC

6.30pm - 9pm



3 Stafford Street

London  W1S 4RP


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07976158444 or email







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24 June 2012               


Michael Aston


Viktorija Vystartaite

Customer Relations              


Carole Anne R


I wasn't very happy on Sunday mainly because one thing I hate doing is opening a show. I am theoretical learner so that is the worst thing you can do to someone - but then everyone says that you have to be prepared for anything.

I understand what the first judge said but you have to remember you can't always give an outstanding performance which is what I was trying to put across plus it's difficult when you're doing an 80 hour week when some of the performers there are studying full-time at music college - but that's life and I won't let it get me down because I know I can do it.

Monika Ksobiak





Martin Welerd





Kevin Paterson  2nd place for Sun 24 June 2012





Keble R




David Kallo




NIna Aghaei




Dora Dihoiu


Well regarding my performance for that place & the equipment -it was alright.

The Judges were almost fair enough with everybody,of course it is a matter of taste so you cannot discuss everyone`s taste in music.To me personally did not help me that much,because I know what I have to do & I was taking part in this contest to meet new people which I did..

Here is my Facebook Official Page

My website : 07491



Tonia Lyn winner for Sun 24 June 2012

1. "My experience was surprisingly good. Where I hadn't performed for a little over 2yrs, my sole intention was to get back into the swing of things. So to win was so unexpected, and the icing on the cake."

2. "From this night alone, it's given me such a boost of confidence. It's put the hunger back in me, so I only see positive things coming from it."

3. "I made a couple of useful contacts. I got the chance to swap numbers and emails with like minded, talented and passionate people."




Rinske Bloem

'Melange factor is a great place for a diverse talent,who want to perform and gain experience whilst enjoying the talent of others.

I performed the song "dream" written by myself ,  about the importance of not giving up on your dreams, inspired by Shirley Bassey 's "this is my life" , and my own life experience.

To perform in ,or watch this event, is something I recommend to everybody, and I look forward in performing there again next month.


Marlene Pincott




Rita Suszek

It's a great community that you have going. I found performing at Melange Factor a very positive experience - good company, amazing voices and performances, people seeking to improve themselves and constructive suggestions for said improvement :-)

The night was pleasant and entertaining, and I'm glad to have come and met everyone :-)




Tommy Stoneberg

woooow, you Guy are fabulous .........cheers




Bhupinder Singh


I am really thankful to you for inviting me for such a great show. I liked the show and the talent performing in the show. The Judges were great and their assessment was right and I will follow their advice and the host of the night was great looking well talented. I loved the whole evening.



Tim Robinson






Clare A  


As always the show was great! ..and getting better and better!


DOP/Camera Operator            

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Highlights of Melange Factor 24 June 2012          

Filmed by: Reuben Stern  




Guest Presenter              


Tricia Stewart

Bisola I

Thanks for inviting me it was a lovely experience. What I liked about it was, the very positive and encouraging atmosphere and the fact that you didn't feel intimidated by other performers or the judges.

I thought the judges were very insightful, not derogatory and most importantly they gave you practical and helpful advice on how to improve and get better.

I think it's a really great format and a big help for people like me who are still trying to find their feet.

Anyway thanks again for having me, my friend and I enjoyed ourselves.

My Facebook and my space links are below.






Vin Sharma

(Global Talent Manager - Guinness World Records Ltd)

Des Barron


Another great Melange show.The talent always surprises, this month's winner won on her outstanding voice. The second and third places were only fractionally away. It is always an interesting evening. So glad to be part of Melange Factor.




















Reuben Stern





Bobby Allen

Antonio Badagliacca

Jasmine Orton   3rd place for Sun 24 June 2012