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26 February 2012               


Des Barron


My involvement with music began in the 1960's with production on Top of the Pops, where I worked with the greats! My current involvement as an actor in Music Videos, recent work includes artistes such as Dizzy Rascal, Carl Barat, Delilah and most recently the up and coming Wily Moon.

With that sort of experience you would think my ability to be shocked would have faded but you would be wrong! I have now judged four Melange events and at every event I have been staggered by the quality of the acts.  At each event there has been at least one potential star and many who would be able to make a good living in the business.

I strongly urge you to come to a Melange event and show us your talent! Or as a spectator what a great way to start a Sunday night. I look forward to seeing you.

























Jorge Fouto


Anton Van De Mere


Overall it was a very interesting experience, with lots of very talented musicians.


Karl Churchill


The experience was that of anticipation, in hoping that the acts were not going to be a disappointment! I was not to be let down, as my fellow judges and I were taken aback by the quality of the singers!!

Ok, there are always going to be 1 or 2 acts that, shall we say, not up to the standard of the other artists, however, I must take my hat off to them for taking to the stage and giving it a go!

It really does go to show what talent we have here in London and the UK.

I am looking forward to the next show, where hopefully I get given the chance to be on the judging panel once again.

Aimi Percival




Martin J Birrane


It was a wonderful experience participating in the Melange Factor; everybody was friendly and I made some nice friends; I was thrilled to be third in the competition, even though I was not, strictly speaking, singing, but rapping.

Maybe sometime in the future I will come back with one of my new songs( singing this time).


Caroline E


Remi Sealey


Kayleigh LeMay


Amy Donohoe


Joanna Turner


Neil Maxfield


Thank you for giving me the opportunity to compete last weekend, I had a lot of fun, and it is always good to have the chance to perform in different venues with a variety audience.

The feedback I received from the judges was valued, if not a little predictable, and could in the main be a little more critical and constructive overall.

Jordan T (winner for Sun 26th February 2012)


Tell us about your experience being on MF?

I really enjoyed the experience and I am so pleased that I won.

To perform my own Material and have everyone understand and enjoy the new sound I'm presenting to them was amazing.

There were loads of talented performers and I really enjoyed being apart of the show.


How do you think it is going to help your career being on MF?

I think the show helped me get back into the swing of performing. It was the first show I have done in a long time. Due to having a child and wanting to take some time out and focus on bringing him up.

It gave me my confidence back and now I  am more ready than ever to chase the dream.


Have you made any useful contacts?

I have made a couple good contacts from being part of the show. Useful contacts from other artists that performed, which could lead to collaborations. And I got approached by a guy in the music industry which took my details and would like to meet up. It's always good to get out there and perform and network.

Jey C S


Melange Factor is a great talent show that gives singers the opportunity to be seen and always judged with a positive approach in all the cases,judges are very cool and inspirational.It's a very good atmosphere as well as the warm welcoming audience...I will definetelygo there again.

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It was great at the show om 26th feb I enjoyed singing I would like to enter for the next show to sing a new song of mine...

It was  fantastic evening. I realy enjoyed it.The event was well organised and atmosphere was superb.  The judges' criticism was constructive.

I noticed Snowdance team was helpful and cooperative. The presenter did a great job. I am really looking forward to sing again on 25th March 2012.


A great experience hosting a great event. It was great to meet a mix of such talented people and the whole evening provided great variety. A great night out for audience and participants. I would love to be asked back...