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29 April 2012               


Oliver Stephens-Ofner (Actor)


This is the first time I've judged on a talent show and I was struck by the sheer amount of talent on display. 
In an ideal world we would have picked a top ten rather than a top three with only one winner. The eventual winner was very good, especially seeing as he was so young at the age of eighteen. He had also written his own song which he sang brilliantly. 



Vin Sharma

(Global Talent Manager - Guinness World Records Ltd)

Jp M (Blogger, Ex MTV Director)



It was a good night with some great acts. 

The night certainly has potential to be a stronger network of professionals in media, arts, film, theatre, music industry. 



Graham Winston-Peters



Giovanni Carnazza


Sound Engineers               


Rosie Mae


The Melange Factor was a great opportunity to perform in a nice venue and environment, whilst getting feedback. The audience were extremely supportive and I loved the host! I found the feedback from the judges extremely helpful. Coming to the night as a 'vocalist', I had always sang other peoples songs, but the judges have inspired me to put myself out there and become an 'artist'. I would recommend the night to anyone!

Off the record, I found the night extremely constructive. The host was fantastic and the judges were very insightful and extremely helpful for me. I almost think the judges could have been more honest and given a bit more constructive criticism. I love having things to work on and they were almost too friendly at times! The only criticism I would have is I think songs could be capped to three minutes. There were a lot of performers to it over ran quite a bit and I think some songs could definitely have been shortened a bit!





Thank you for letting me perform! I had a great time!! the judges were very thorough and the host did a great job!! I really have no other suggestions apart from keep doing what you're doing!!

 07786 952886,,





Sophie Ray


Had a great time, so thanks for having me!

I found the performance fun and really appreciated the feedback from the judges and also from other artists within the audience - definitely a valuable experience.

I found the judge's assessments very good and I was given great advice - I would say in particular that the advice I got from vin (sorry if I got his name wrong - but I mean the central judge) was the most valuable and I would have to say that throughout the night I felt that he gave the best feedback to all artists.

I think the host was very good and has great experience in the area, so overall good.




Aoife Cooper





Tommy Stoneberg


The melange factor was brilliant !Yet another evening going down fabulously with the performers and audiance ...  a captivating evening !!!!!


Saffire D’Soul





Tay Moss





Comfort Emmanuel





Veronica Delogu


Performing with You was a pleasure and the feeling of a real competition was the best part of it, helping the focus and the performance level.

The judges were very nice and their feedbacks useful to understand what could be improved and how we can grow better.

The host was friendly and hilarious and I really enjoyed chatting with him!!!
Had lot of fun performing there!!! 
 You are amazing guys!!!


Jonathan Luwagga





Iris Sitonik


I enjoyed performing on the night.

I thought the judges were kind and gave good comments. This was encouraging.
Also, the host said I was a good lady. This made me blush. I liked him.
I think the show is a good show because it gives people the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience and also gives them the opportunity to be spotted. I also think the show is a brilliant idea. 



Renitta Patterson


Performing at the melange was good this was my second time so I got to see a different variety of artist and hear different opinions about my voice from new judges.

I thought the judges assessment was ok, I didn't agree with one of the comments but their opinions won't hinder me in anyway. The host was ok although when I Last performed at melange there was a guy and girl who I thought were really good at hosting. I think the host would be better of as a judge to be honest.

I think the melange factor needs to cut down the amount of acts there are on the night, its too many people and can get very long, I think a maximum of 15 ppl per night would be better rather than 35 



Chye Rrylx


I enjoyed the event I found the judges assesments of my talent correct and they gave me some good pointers of how to develop. The host of the show was marvellous and gave much encouragemant and support. I would just like to suggest that some indications of the acts coming up from time to time would help those with instruments to prepare...thanking you  all , for the opportunity to sing in the west end ...She Real..thats how my name is pronounced. 



Luca Di Girolamo


First of alI I want to thank you for inviting me over for the contest, it was nice to spend the evening there but since you asking for feedback I have to be honest.
 I found the advice of the judges useful but most of the time I think they were trying to be too nice and not really honest with some of the people that were kind of pretending to be singers.
I agree with  one of the judges who said music business is already ill and filling certain people with high hopes is not going to heal it. Of course this is just my opinion. But I found a lot of great voices, and I wish all the best for the talented people whom I met last night. 
 I really think the event its a great opportunities for the people to showcase their talent and receive an instant, positive or negative, reaction from the audience. 



Thea Cucu


I think the judges made accurate comments and they gave pertinent advice to each and every contestant. 

The host seemed an experienced person in this particular line of business. 

I'd like to perform again in the future. Maybe some improvements should be made regarding the CD s for the background orchestration of the song.



Laura Hyde


I had a great time performing last night , it was another great chance to sing to a live audience and the variety of singers was great and very entertaining. 
I thought the judges feedback was good very helpful and constructive for everyone and I liked how they were not at all intimidating! 
The host was lovely and again very welcoming. The only thing I would say that I felt there we just maybe a few to many contestants so it felt like it went on
just a little bit too long  



Plamen Georgiev


I found it great!
All the compilation - the Judges, the Host and all the talents down there; Everything was perfect..Besides, the sound,the plugs for the guitars, the mics were kinda old,or not working properly - the atmosphere was still amazing :)
The Judges - maybe the ones which were on the left side and or the right side were a bit careless for the rest of the people which were not "shining" like some of the top-talented performers, but the guy in the middle(don't remember the name) was always honest with all of the people, and I liked him the most!
As well the host was amazing! He was always trying to show the best sides of the performers, even if they weren't performing perfectly!I appreciate that very much, as I was one of those imperfect performers :) 



Nina Aghaei


Melange factor was very cool and I liked it...but unfortunately I couldn't do what I really wanted to do and was a little disappointing cuz of the backing track wasn't working!! but I had so much fun and hope to make it next month...the assessment of the judges was very good special the guy who was sitting in the middle..he was more passionate and giving people advice.. but I wasn't really agree with their decision of choosing the winner! and the reason is that they cared more about his sad story and wanted to give him a chance or opportunity.... it was true that he wrote a song by himself and had a good voice too..but judges got emotional about his sad story..I bet there were a few girls who had amazing voice!! any way I cant wait for ur next month competition to show myself more!! 




Sami Hindmarsh winner for Sun 29 April 2012


Your experience being on Melange factor.

I cannot tell you how thrilled I am to have won the Melange Factor! I didn’t even think I had a much of a chance of coming 5th! I love to have the chance to be able to show people that didn’t even know me what I have to offer to the world, and I was humbled by and feel privileged to have been able to watch and learn from other contestants. I really wanted to say how unbelievably talented the contestants were! It was a really fantastic night! The juges had really good comments! I really can’t say how happy I am to have been able just to take part, let alone WINNING it!

How do you think it is going to help your career being on MF?

Up till now, I haven’t been sure about what to do with my life. I pulled out of going to drama school last minute, and my confidence has gone down since then. But being in the Melange Factor help me realise, that this is what I’m meant to be doing! I hope that if anything, itn has given me more confidence to be able to go out there and do my stuff!

Have you made any useful contacts?

The Melange Factor has been incredibly up lifting to my spirits and I hope that I will have the privilege to work with an act or two from the show in years to come! Thank you Melange Factor!

How did you find the Judges assessment of your talent?

I really apreciated the honnest opinions of the judges. It makes me very proud of myslef to have had such good comments and also ones that HELP me! That was a big thing! 

Thank you so much for having me! I had a wonderful time!




Simon Goudarzi

DOP/Camera Operator       

Reuben Stern

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Highlights of Melange Factor 29th April 2012          

Video by: Reuben A Stern

Charlii !


I enjoyed the night. Good vibe and crowd.

It felt a bit that the judges were supporting fun talent. Not so much real talent.

Got useful comments though, and are greatful for that.